Exampel of other assignments

  1. In an evaluation commissioned by Norad, NIDS and partnering NCG Norway have studied the Norweigan support to promote the rights of persons with disabilities – through aid provided 2000-2010. What has been done during the decade? What have been the results? How to continue? The report is also available in an Easy-to-Read version. The report can be downloaded here.
  2. NIDS has, in partnership with Lennart Peck (Boman&Peck), evaluated the non-discrimination program of Civil Rights Defenders (2008).
  3. NIDS has evaluated the Forum Syd program in Belarus (2009).
  4. NIDS has supported the Legal Human Rights Center in Tanzania to develop a results based managements system  an M&E framework, and terms of reference for a base line study (2009-2010).
  5. NIDS was engaged as rapporteur at the internatinal meeting on Aid Effectiveness and Civil Society in Härnösand (2007).