Disability movement

Exampel of assignments for the Nordic disability movement

  1. NIDS was engaged by Shia/My Right to assist in the planning, implementation and follow up of the first three Sida ITP courses “Disability and Human Rights”, for Africa, Asia and MENA regions (2007-2008). Together with My Right, NIDS has also developed disability briefs for the Swedish embassies (2012).
  2. NIDS has been hired to provide organisational development support to DPOs (Disabled peoples’ organisations) in Africa, Asia, Latin Amerika and Eastern Europe.
  3. NIDS has coordinated an intenational study of successful projects for persons with developmental disabilities in India, Kenya, Rumania and South Africa “Successful projects – what makes them work”.  Researchers in the four countries carried out the research in their respective countries and compared notes. Inclusion International and Sida commissioned the study. Professor Anders Gustavsson, Stockholm University and professor Johans Sandvin, Bodö University served as scientific advisors. The study was published in 2007. There is also an easy to read version of the report.
  4. NIDS has been commissioned by WHO and Shia to carry out a study of the CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) approach from a user perspective. This involved programs in three countries (Nepal, Guyana and Ghana). NIDS has also evaluated the large Swedish/Norwegian support to the CBR program in the West Bank and Gaza.
  5. NIDS has carried out a number of evaluations comissioned by Atlas Alliance and My Right and their member organisations. The evaluations focus on disability rights in Palestine, Nepal, India, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. The evaluations have included organisational development assessments and assessments of social change processes, attitudes, accessibility and inclusion of persons with disabilites in society.