Sida and Swedish embassies

Exampel of assignments for Sida

  1. NIDS works in partnership with MSC to support Sida staff to better understand and apply a human rights based approach. This has so far included; trainings and individual advice and support to staff, analyses of sector programs, drafting of thematic area briefs, drafting of disability briefs per country and LGBTI briefs per country, lessons learnt, country specific information on human rights instruments etc.  The tools are available on Sida’s intranet. Work is ongoing to up-date materials.
  2. NIDS has evaluated Sidas Action Plan on sexual orientation and gender identity in international development cooperation 2007–2009 (2010) and carried out a mapping of Swedish supported LGBTI initatives (2013).
  3. NIDS has carried out a base line study of Sida funded initerventions on disability and Sida capacity to work effectively with disability issues. The study was carried out in cooperation with My Right (Shia) – (2010).
  4. NIDS has also been engaged in the evaluation of the Strategy for Special Initiatives for Democratication and Freedom of Expression (2014), the Review of Civi Soceity Support Modalities (2013) and the evaluations of the country strategies for Albania and Zimbabwe (2014).
  5. NIDS has evaluated the Swedish support to Save the Children and Forum Syd programmes in Tanzania, the Serbian Gender Equality Strategy, the South African HIV/AIDS Strategy, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute regional programme in Middle East-North Africa, the Sida support to civil society in the Western Balkans 2005-2010.